Thursday 2 June 2016

It's about that time

I imagine this blog starts off like any other: I've been meaning to get round to starting this/I have too much time on my hands... well those are my reasons anyway. And I literally do have time to burn. I'm a stay at home Mom (yes, I say Mom, I'm from Birmingham, UK and that's what we say here, I don't know why.) I'm not this out of choice, I'm not a kept woman or rich beyond my wildest dreams: I'm a single parent. Not that I'm 100% sure what being single has to do with any of that but that is the label I'm mostly faced with or asked about. I'd prefer co-parent but I guess it isn't as catchy or something.

I have been a co-parent since my little girl, Harriet, was about one and a half, though in all honesty it was probably from day one (maybe I will get onto that in another post). She is now two and a half and I am still on this road/journey/other metaphor on my own. Well we are on it together but there is no one else helping out with the chores.

We have lived in Lancaster, Essex and now Birmingham, where I imagine we will be for the foreseeable future. I grew up here, until high school when we moved up north, so we have returned as the most of the rest of my family has. They are my only support network if I'm honest. My friends live in Lancaster (and one in Dublin), and although we have lived here almost a year I haven't made a single friends, nor acquaintance. How do you do that when you don't work and your life revolves around enabling a 2 year old to have a life? Answers on a postcard please.

To get the basics out of the way, I'm Amy and I'm 25. My daughter is Harriet though mostly referred to as Harrie and she is 2, born on Guy Fawkes night (morning actually). We spend all our time together bar her hours at nursery, and visiting her father twice a month. This is hopefully going to be an outlet for the trials and tests I'm facing during the toddler years and onwards, as well as a few flashbacks to fill you in on what brought us here today. I hope to make lots of great friends through this, and share our lives with you as my bonfire baby grows up.

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