Monday 27 June 2016

Our 5 year plan

I graduated 4 years ago. FOUR. I have had two crappy low-paid jobs since then, and a two year old. But now it is time to focus on the long game, I need to create stability and security for us, for our future.

So this is my five year plan:

2016/2017 - There's not a whole lot on the to-do list but I need to get a placement at a primary school, for ten days at least. I also need to complete my UCAS application for September 2017 to do a PGCE in primary school teaching. Since a young girl I wanted to be a teacher but then I grew up and the big wide world threw a million exciting jobs at me and I got lost in it all. I have a degree in Criminology and Youth Studies, which of course I would love to pursue, but the teacher shortage crisis in the UK has made me think a little differently. Harrie will start school in a few years and I want her to have an excellent education, from teacher's who want to teach, and I know I have it in me to join forces and be passionate about learning for our future generations. PREACH.

2017/2018 - Hopefully I will be starting and completing my PGCE and heading into the next year as an newly qualified teacher. This is also the year I hope to take Harrie on a big holiday (as we will be forced to only have school holiday trips after that). I don't know whether I'm thinking Disney or Lapland, or something in between, but the goal is set.

2018/2019 - Harrie starts school September 2018 so this is when I will finally return to full time work, fingers crossed it will be my return to school also. This is the point where our saving for security begins. The target is a mortgage by the time I'm 32, so that will give me about 4 years to save every penny!

2019/2020 - More saving, more saving, more saving

2020/2021 - Same as before but hopefully we can squeeze another decent holiday out of the fund. I'm hoping I will be established in a school by this point and aim to be re-training to become a primary maths specialist teacher.

2021/2022 - The scary part; buy a house hopefully...

Here's to the future! I am fully aware situations change, people may come into our life or leave it, but this plan is just for me and Harrie at the moment. We have a long road ahead of us, but I feel I need to do this, for both of us.

Take care x

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  1. This is a great plan and a very inspirational blog which I just stumbled upon. Us mums are absolute superheroes I swear. I hope you and Harrie are getting to achieve your plans