Friday 24 June 2016

Our Liskeard Getaway

So I haven't posted for a week or so as we took our family holiday to Liskeard, Cornwall. My sister and brother-in-law booked Merryfield Manor through Airbnb and it was honestly so so beautiful. We had a huge house with 5 bedrooms (so I didn't have to share with Harrie) and we even had our own swimming pool and sauna. 

We visited a ton of places in Cornwall and Harrie just adored the beach. She loved running up to the sea and then running away with the waves chasing her and licking her feet. She turned her hand to building sandcastles but as soon as they were made she flattened them back down to start again - I don't think she was a fan!

We are both super lucky to have such a wonderful family to share our holidays with, it was lovely to see her so happy to see everyone, and search out anyone that dared leave her sight for a minute!

My brother-in-law, and Harrie's uncle and godfather, took this gorgeous photos of my little princess. They capture her personality so perfectly and it just sums up how happy she is. She really is the light in the dark.

I hope to get back to more regular blogging now that we are back to normal, plus the summer holidays are coming up and we have lots of adventures planned.

Take care x

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