Saturday 25 June 2016

Planning ahead

Anyone with children understands that they need constant entertainment otherwise they will be a handful and a half. Harriet isn't any different. Due to just coming back from a fun-filled holiday, she has taken to trashing the house and causing any amount of havoc she can, because she doesn't have 6 adults attending to her every whim. Help me. Two days ago she shouted me from half way down the stairs so I went to see what she was doing and she launched a bottle of shower gel at me. A bottle she had unscrewed the lid from. Onto my dry clean only skirt and the carpet. Why, child?

So operation Summer Holiday Survival has begun. I'm hoping to get us away somewhere in the UK every fortnight for a few days so we can visit people, but also so that being at home in between is slightly more bearable. Parks and play centres are packed during the holidays and Harrie has developed this tendency of late to find a child (usually a good few years older) and copy everything they do. I ran at the speed of light the other day as she jumped to reach the monkey bars behind a 7 year old. Bloody terrifying. So we need to try and avoid those as much as we can really unless its first thing in the morning.

My plans so far mainly focus on August; I got two free tickets to Legoland via The Sun (don't judge me, I didn't read it) so we are off to Windsor for a few days for the first weekend. Then the following Sunday we go to our heart-town, Lancaster, to visit friends and loved ones with my twin - I think I'm most excited for this, we only get to go back once or twice a year and it's lovely for my friends to see how much Harrie has changed. Then finally a fortnight later we go to my sister and brother-in-law's house in Essex for a long bank holiday weekend, maybe with a trip to the seaside thrown in!

Those are our concrete plans but my friend from Dublin is hoping to fly over at the end of July, which will be so good as Harrie really loves her. I'm also hoping to get to a zoo or something as she's super into animals at the moment, plus we need to get all the attractions in before she turns 3 haha! On top of this I hope to make our first proper trip to Birmingham Library to sign Harrie up and borrow some books so we can really get into that together. I adore reading and always have since a very young child, and I'm really hoping Harrie shares that enjoyment with me.

I'm not sure what else we will get up to but I'm sure I will get a good few blog posts out of that to keep you all updated with our activities!

Take care everyone x

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